Individual clients

Civil law

1. Inheritance

  • cases concerning acknowledgement of inheritance acquisition and division of inheritance

  • cases concerning the legitimate portion of an estate

  • advise on legal and testamentary succession, drawing up records and instructions, liability for inheritance debts, unworthiness of inheritance, disinheritance

2. Matters of substantive law

  • action for the protection of property

  • action for the protection of possessions

  • cases relating to acquisitive prescription of property

  • cases for the abolition of joint ownership

  • action relating to limited property rights

3. Compensation

  • compensation for damage to property (including cases for awarding pensions for total or partial incapacity to work, increased needs or reduced prospects of future success due to personal injury or medical disorder)

  • cases for pecuniary compensation for non-material damage

Family law
  • divorce and separation proceedings

  • matters relating to the division of assets

  • alimony/ maintenance cases (establishment, increase, reduction, abolition of maintenance obligations)

  • matters relating to parental authority

  • cases relating to the arrangement of contact between parents and children

  • cases for establishing or denying paternity/maternity, for the ineffectiveness of an establishment of paternity

Labour and social security law
  • drafting and issuing opinions on employment contracts, civil law contracts, managerial contracts, non-competition agreements

  • developing work and pay regulations, company social benefits fund, collective labour agreements

  • representing employees and employers in disputes concerning:
    ●  employment relationship
    ●  group redundancies, severance payments
    ●  working time
    ●  remuneration
    ●  compensation for accidents at work

  • legal advice on delegating Polish workers to work abroad

Medical law
  • representing doctors in civil and criminal court proceedings and before official boards for evaluation of medical events

  • representing patients in civil and criminal court proceedings and before official boards for evaluation of medical events, including medical error compensation cases

  • day-to-day legal services for medical entities (drafting contracts, verification of documents)

  • representation in administrative proceedings

  • conducting training on the legal basis of aesthetic cosmetology for doctors, cosmetologists and beauticians, training on civil and criminal liability of physicians and persons performing cosmetic procedures

Criminal law
  • defence in criminal matters (including economic criminal matters), criminal-fiscal matters and offences before courts of all instances

  • representing victims, auxiliary and private prosecutors in criminal proceedings, seeking compensation for damage suffered, drafting of subsidiary and private indictments

  • preparing pleadings, complaints, appeals and motions

  • preparing motions for granting a leave in serving a penalty, postponing the execution of a penalty, suspending the execution of a penalty, serving a penalty under electronic supervision

Administrative law
  • legal advice and representation of clients in cases before state and local administration bodies, as well as in proceedings before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court

  • preparing appeals against administrative decisions

  • preparing complaints for provincial administrative courts

  • preparing complaints for the Supreme Administrative Court

  • issues related to obtaining licences and permits

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